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Bottles, Jars & Specialty Containers  

Bottles, Jars & Specialty Containers

WB Bottle Supply provides a single source for high quality packaging products. We represent major manufacturers of glass and plastic containers, as well as closure and sprayer systems.
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Glass Bottles & Jars

At WB Bottle Supply Company, we carry a variety of shapes and sizes of glass bottles designed for customers in the food, beverage, and household chemical industries. Through long-term relationships with manufacturers, we are able to maintain a consistent inventory of premium quality, bottles, jars, jugs, and specialty containers. Glass containers are available in sizes up to one gallon and multiple colors, including clear, amber, green, and cobalt, depending on shape. In addition, a variety of closures such as caps, lids, and pumps are available to meet customers’ functional and aesthetic needs.

We perform silk screening, labeling, in mold lettering, and applied ceramic letter in house, as an added service, and can repack containers into more user friendly quantities. These services allow customers to simplify their supply chain and save lead time as well as costs. Our sales and service staff are very knowledgeable about the products we sell and can assist customers as needed in choosing the optimal container for their application and budget. Local delivery is also available to the Southeast Wisconsin area.


Plastic Bottles & Jars

At WB Bottle, we carry a number of polyethylene, PET, PVC, and barrier resin plastic containers designed to fill the needs of the food, beverage, automotive, and household chemical industries. Containers range in size and application from small PETG spice jars to 5 gallon HDPE carboys. Standard and specialty shaped cylinders, jugs, bottle, pails, and other container types are available through our network of reliable manufacturers. With over 80 years’ experience in the bottle supply industry, we have established relationships with leading manufacturers in order to provide customers with the highest quality products, delivered on time. In addition to our myriad of standard container options, if a specialty container is needed, we can source the appropriate manufacturer for the container type and required production volume.

As industry needs evolve, our services are continually refined to ensure that customer needs are met. Screen printing, labeling, and additional decorating services are available as well as container repacking and local delivery to the Southeastern Wisconsin area. As a customer centered company, we work with customer to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. By partnering with a reliable, experienced supplier, customers are able to focus on their core business rather than spend valuable time managing the supply chain.

Container Closures

Bottle & Jar Closures

To provide a complete packaging solution, at WB Bottle Supply Company, we offer a wide variety of container closures and accessories. Standard and specialty caps and plugs are available in a multiple metal, plastic, and glass materials. Examples of specialty closures include dispensers, droppers, sprayers, and spouts. We primarily serve the food, beverage, automotive, and household industries and have a developed a wide range of inventory to accommodate these customers’ specific needs. Through our relationships with an extensive manufacturing network, additional types of closures and accessories can be sourced as needed.

We have been supplying premium quality packaging products for over 80 years and have an in-depth knowledge of the products we sell. Specialists can assist customer with the optimal sealing and closure system for their specific product and application. Closures and accessories can be repacked and kitted with the appropriate bottles as needed for customers’ convenience. Container silk screening, labeling, and other decorating options are also available, further simplifying the supply chain. Local delivery is available in the local Southeastern Wisconsin region, and products can be stored in our warehouse for immediate availability.

Sprayers, Pumps, Plugs and Fitments

Sprayers, Pumps, Plugs and Fitments

As a leading supplier of glass and plastic containers, at WB Bottle Supply Company, we source and supply a wide range of specialty containers. Through our long-term relationships with some of the largest high quality container manufacturers, out team can assist customers in obtaining specialty containers for any application. Some of the specialty containers we carry include a range of airtight food canisters and storage systems, acrylic drinkware, vases for the floral industry, and novelty shaped containers. Customers in the food, beverage, automotive, household chemical, and retail display industries count on us to provide the premium containers that represent their brand.

Utilizing a unique container allows customers to set their product apart from the competition. Blanket orders ease the burden of buying in bulk and allow customers to space out releases according to their individual needs. If customers are looking for a container not listed in our catalog, sourcing specialists can assist them in locating a container to fit their application or even placing an order for custom tooling with a manufacturer if needed. We can repackage containers into more user friendly quantities and kit containers with the respective closures for customer convenience.